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Komia - GemDuo Bead Ending - 24kt Gold Plated - (Pack of 2)

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Komia - GemDuo Bead Ending - 24kt Gold Plated (Pack of 2)

BEAD ENDINGS™ serve as clasps or endings to attach clasps. They are shaped and spaced to the specifications of a specific bead. These findings are also great for adding to 3D stars and ornaments.

Cymbal™ is a unique, imaginative, and groundbreaking metal component line that has been designed to fit and integrate with the most popular bead working beads in the market. Beads that are addressed in this collection are SuperDuo®, GemDuo®, Miyuki Delica, 11/0 and 8/0 round seed beads, Tila, Half Tila, Silky Bead®, and Honeycomb Bead®. Cymbal™ Metal Fashion Elements™ can have one of 4 different functions: BEAD ENDINGS™, SIDE BEADS™, BEAD SUBSTITUTES™, and CONNECTORS. Experienced bead workers will have a fun and exciting time discovering new ways to use Cymbal™ elements.